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Delicious boiled rice
When preparing boiled rice, washing and soaking raw rice with Alkaline Ionized Water (pH 9.0) or purified water and adjust water level. Then, water is quickly absorbed, saving the time of boiling rice and preventing the rice from being decayed (water level needs slightly reducing).
Preparing delicious half-boiled egg
The reason why soft boiled egg is good for our health is that well done egg yolk tastes unpleasant of which acidic cholesterol is fully cooked. To half boil egg, place egg into boiling Alkaline Ionized Water and turn it off. In about 5 minutes, delicious soft egg will be served.
Feeling good flavor of barley tea in live water
If water is boiled, it may not function as electrolyte as the minerals in it are deactivated. Especially, in hot summer, boiling water makes hotter air in house and is so bothersome job. However, just placing a pack of barley tea in Alkaline Ionized Water does not need boiling, serving good flavor thanks to its strong elution, saving fuel and electric rate and even reducing housework.
Clean vegetable and fruit
Fruits and vegetables can be fresh and safely enjoyed if they are washed with Acidic Ionized Water first, rinsed with Alkaline Ionized Water and stored in a fridge.
Deep taste of soup and dish from the bones of the four legs of a cow
If using Alkaline Ionized Water for soaking-out soup, stewing the bones of the four legs of a cow or thick beef soup served with rice, it may help feel deep taste and require less quantity of ingredients because of small water cluster size.
Clear color of vegetables even after parboiling
Green vegetables may look glossy if quickly parboiled with Alkaline Ionized Water without lid(no need of salt or soda). White vegetable without resin can be served in delicious and good taste when it is cooked with a lid closed with little Alkaline Ionized Water.
Delicious tea and coffee
Alkaline Ionized Water is also added to prepare a cup of coffee or tea. If adding Alkaline Ionized Water, bitter taste is removed while the genuine taste and smell remains. In addition, if adding Alkaline Water ice to alcoholic drink, it tastes mild and mitigates hangover.
Powered milk solution improving growth and development
If dissolving powdered milk with Alkaline Ionized Water (pH 8.5) and feeding a baby, it helps it to physically be developed and form strong skeletal structure.
Bean sprouts without fish smell
If boiling bean sprouts with Alkaline Ionized Water, water quickly boils and it may smell delicious. Even though removing a lid during boiling, it keeps less fish smell to serve delicious bean sprouts.
Hangover relief
If waking up after drinking liquor and drinking cups of water in increased Alkaline Ionized Water level or before sleeping, it helps relieve hangover.
Healthy diet reducing body fat
Alkaline Ionized Water is quickly absorbed while promptly discharged, discharging wastes, which helps to reduce body fat, that is, alkali water is helpful for healthy diet.
Water replenishment after exercise
Since we discharge sweat after exercising because of faster circulation, our body wishes to absorb water. Alkaline Ionized Water has smaller cluster, which helps absorb water quickly, so you don’t need to purchase any ion beverage after exercise.
Removing stain on silky clothes
Trying to remove stain on silky clothes may cause more stain. Soak stained area of clothes with Alkaline Ionized Water and bit it with gauze, helping it to be removed. It is also helpful to remove stain on a tablecloth.
Meat soften in soaking
Meat is softened and become delicious if cooked in soaking in alkali water for 20 ~ 30 minutes
Savory fermented soybeans
Using Alkaline Ionized Water for serving fermented soybeans reduces smells and induces good taste.
Healthy and strong pet
Feeding your pet with Alkaline Ionized Water helps reduce smell and bring it up healthily.
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