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Is it possible to use underground springs? - Yes.
- In some cases, the designated pH may not be obtained due to
  the characteristics of the area and the water.Before installation,
  check that drinking water standardscan be met.
  [For detailed information, contact us or the distributor.]
What should be done if the machine is not to be used for a long time(approx. 10 days or more)? - Remove the filter from the main body, wrap inplastic wrapping,
  and store in a refrigerator.
- Remove the power plug.
- When reusing, install the filter and input water for approx. 3 minutes
  before obtaining water.
Does a melody occasionally play and the‘Cleaning/Acid’ lamp flicker when turning offthe water tap? - The automatic self-cleaning function is in progress.Do not allow water
  flow during this process.
What water temperature is suitable? - Water temperature below 35℃ should be used inthis product.
The red lamp flickers at ‘strong alkaline 10.0’ when I use the water to remove pungent, bitter tastes from vegetables, or when washing them. Is there a problem? - No, there is no problem.
- Do not use the water for common drinking purposes other than medical
White bubbles appear when collectingalkaline ionized water. What are these? - This phenomenon occurs because themolecular size of alkaline ionized
  water isvery small and hydrogen is dissolved in
  theprocess of ion production.
- Such a phenomenon is common just afterinstallation or filter replacement.
- This is not aproblem.
There are white substances on the bottom ofalkaline ionized water containers. What arethese?
※This is a rare phenomenon that occurs inPurification.
If the water contains mineralsubstances or carboxyl group (CO3), they maybecome more activated with lectrolysisionization,and it may become serious.
Adjust the pH level to meet the characteristics of the water.
Elevation of pH level will increase suchoccurrences, and lowering the pH level willreduce this.
- This phenomenon is caused by the calciummineral substances in alkaline   ionized water.Particularly, if the carboxyl group (CO3) is present,it will
  bind to the calcium carbonate (CaCO3), creating such substances.
  This is apparent evidence of electrolysis.
  Although it is safe to drink, wash the container - add one spoon of edible
  vinegar and water to the container, leave the container for approx. 1
  hour,and wash the container by shaking it.
What would happen if rice were boiled usingalkaline ionized water? - The boiled rice may be sticky depending on the quantity of
  water, the kind of rice, and the type of cooking device used.
- Adjust the pH (ion concentration) to an appropriate level.
What water should I give to babies? -Weak alkaline ionized water (pH7.5) is good for babies.
What is the pH of the acidic water that flows out of the acidic water outlet during use of alkaline ionized water?
Selection steps Usage by pH level of acidic water Use
Strong alkaline(pH10.0) pH3.5~4.5 Foul odor removal after cooking fish
Alkaline Drinking and cooking(pH9.5) pH4.5~5.5 Dishwashing
Drinking and use in the kitchen (pH9.0) pH5.5~6.5
Initial drinking (pH8.5) pH6.5~7.5
What effect does acidic water have on the skin? - The skin is slightly acidic and has a pH of approx. 5.5. If such
  acidity is maintained, the skin’s pores contract, and supple,
  moist skin can be maintained.
Symptoms Causes and response
Power is not supplied or the lamp is off during use. - Is there sufficient water flow?(At least 1ℓ/min of water flow is required.)
  ⇒ Open the water tap and adjust water flow.
- Is the power plug correctly inserted?
  ⇒ Insert the power plug correctly.
- Is the fuse blown?⇒ Check the fuse (standard fuse: 250V/3A)
※ Insert the power plug and press lightly to checkfor a beeping sound.
  ⇒ If the machine beeps, there is no problem with the fuse.
Power abruptly turns off during use of the Alkaline or Acidic function (on/off periodically repeats). - In the case of continuous use, the power turns off toprotect the machine
  depending on the characteristicsof the water - this is not a malfunction.
  ⇒ Turn off the water tap and reuse the machine afterwaiting a while.
※This may occur in the case of underground springs.
After use of the Strong Alkaline, Acidic, or Purification function, the lamp changes to Alkaline. - If the water tap is turned off after use of the StrongAlkaline, Acidic, or
  Purification function, themachine will return to the previous
  ⇒ This is not a malfunction.
  - (Low voltage)
  -(High voltage)
  -(Electrolysis chamberis
  -(Cleaning function failure)
5) ERROR! MODE 4 or OF
  - (Water overflow)
1)This is displayed when the input voltage decreasesbelow the standard
  voltage (AC220V) by at least 33V.
2)This is displayed when the input voltage increasesabove the standard
  voltage (AC220V) by at least 22V.
3)This is displayed when overheating occurs in theelectrolytic bath.
4)This is displayed if water is supplied while the productis in the self-
  cleaning operation.
5)This is displayed when the inflow of water is at least 3.3ℓ/min.
[000] is not displayed after filter replacement. - Did you press the Reset button?
  ⇒ Press the Reset button during water flow or in stopped status.
- Did you press the Reset button while the machine was unplugged?
  ⇒ Insert the power plug and press the Reset button.
The filter consumption indication does not light up. - Has water flow ceased?⇒ If there is water flow, the lamp will light up, and
  ifstopped, the lamp will turn off.
- Has the power plug been removed?⇒ Insert the power plug.
- The product is out of order.⇒ Remove the power plug and contact the
※ If the flow of water is not detected due to weak waterpressure, power will
  not turn on.(Water pressure of tap water: 0.7kgf/㎠)
All the lamps of the main body are on (continues despite stoppage of water flow). - The machine is out of order.
  ⇒ Remove the power plug and contact the distributorfor repair.
No melody plays, even during the Acidic function. - Check that the Acidic button has been selected.
  ⇒ Allow water to flow and press the Acidic button.
Presence of foul odor, strange tastes, and unfiltered material. - Filter capacity has weakened.⇒ Replace the filter.
- Is water pressure low?⇒ Open the water tap and make adjustments.
  (If the problem persists despite fully opening the water tap, take other
- Is water flow excessive?⇒ Make adjustments using the tap water
  adjustment valve.
Little or no water flow.※If contamination of raw water is serious despite absence of ‘999’indication, the filter may be blocked and its capacity may have been weakened. - Has filter life expired?(Check the displayed number indicating filter life.)
  ⇒ Replace the filter.
- Has the filter been installed incorrectly?⇒ Make necessary corrections.
- Has water supply been suspended?⇒ Wait until water supply returns.
- Is the hose bent or clamped?⇒ Make the necessary corrections.
When water flows through the main body, it becomes warm. - At the start of water flow, warm water may flowout due to room
  temperature or heat from the main body during stoppage.
  ⇒ This is not a malfunction. Use the machine afterstarting water flow.
The pH of acidic water is displayed as neutral. - After replacing the filter, the pH of acidic water maynot be in the range of
  the color chart for approx. 1 week.
  (This is due to the activated carbon in the filter.)
  ⇒ This is not a malfunction. Measure it again aweek later.
- If the pH of acidic water is approx. 6.5,comparison with the pH color chart
  may not beappropriate.
Water drips from the bottom of the main body. - Condensation may be occurring inside the mainbody due to temperature
  and humidity conditions.
  ⇒ This is not a malfunction.
- This is not a temporary occurrence. Significant water leakage is an
  indication of malfunction.
  ⇒ Request A/S.
During use of the Alkaline or Strong Alkaline function, water flows out of the acidic water outlet. - Is the acidic water hose bent or clamped?(The water may taste strange.)
  ⇒ Install the hose correctly.
Water drips from the outlet (especially the acidic water outlet) even though the water tap is off. - Residue in the outlet faucet flows out.
  ⇒ This is not a malfunction.
- Self-cleaning in progress.⇒ This is not a malfunction.
In pH measurement testing, the acidic water is displayed as yellow, but the color of the alkaline water has changed to neutral. - This is due to the carbonate in the water (more serious in the case of
  underground springs).
  ⇒ Adjust the pH level to 10.0. Alkaline and acidic areconversely related
  - if an acidic response isfound, this indicates that alkaline ionized water
  isalso produced. This is simply the result ofevaporation of carbonate from
  the water causedby a chemical reaction. This is nothing but theresult of
  evaporation of reagent with chemicalreaction of carbonate dissolved in the
※ If the situation becomes serious, install aseparate purification appliance
  to the 2nd filter.
The water has a disinfectant smell. ※ This phenomenon may occur from various causes. If it continues despite filter replacement, select the self-cleaning function to verify. If there is no problem, check the items listed on the right side. - Check if the storage container is dirty.
  ⇒ Clean the storage container.
- Filter capacity has weakened with contaminationdepending on the
  characteristics of the supplied water.
  ⇒ Replace the filter (refer to page 15).
- As ionized water has less crust and vital activity,if a very small amount of
  foreign substances areincluded, they may react, producing a smell.
  ⇒ Lower the pH by 1~2 decrements.
- Check if the acidic hose is higher than the main body.
  ⇒ Install the hose at a 50~70cm level, not exceedingthe level of the main
Despite turning off the water tap, the power remains on. - The machine is out of order.
  ⇒ Remove the power plug and contact us or the distributor to request
Water leaks from the purification part (filter socket). - Check that the filter socket is fastened to the filter.
  ⇒ Check the filter packing and fasten it to thefilter base.
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